Sarah Frazier
Owner | Principal

About me: I am a freelance marketing professional with an extensive background in publishing and digital media. In short, I love content and audience development! My media experience has taught me how to define, develop and engage a target audience and create communications that speak to the heart of the reader, to generate a response.
My marketing philosophy: Over the years, I’ve found most brands struggle with the conundrum of what you want to tell versus what your customer wants to know. I believe marketing is much like dating —if all you do is talk about yourself, you won’t have many long-term relationships. My approach is to understand your customer’s wants, challenges and motivations so that when I write your copy—whether that’s website copy, an educational white paper, a blog post or an advertising email—your customer will not only consume your message but welcome your future communications.
I’m also a classically-trained musician, which means I know how to tell a great story and create emotion. My specialties include content marketing , strategic marketing, copywriting, event marketing, corporate communications, brand storytelling, video storytelling, marketing plan development and plan execution.
We can start big or small. I can also start right away. Call me and let’s talk about your vision.